SR 240Z

Spike’s 240Z limped its way to us after so many months of poor work from other shops.  At first look this Z didn’t have the original inline engine nor did it even have a 6 cylinder in it.  Spike had it converted with the “lightweight” SR20DET.  My good friend “Rawb” argues that a 4 cylinder should not inhabit the engine bay of a Z, I disagree in this particular case.

Upon arrival we found many issues to work through.  For starters the wiring doing for the EFI harness was non-existent so we went to work getting this all squared away (thanks Juan!).  We replaced the old skool HKS injectors in favor of new Nismo 740s.  We ditched the Nissan ECU, installed and tuned the PS1000 Haltech.  In doing so we got rid of the MAF in favor of a MAP sensor especially since there was an HKS BOV on the Z, added boost control, and the Haltech I\O Box.  We also had the exhuast changed out for a full 3″ single out and upgraded\replaced the inlet and intercooler piping.  The air filter was moved out away from the engine bay and up front in the bumper area.  The SR retained the factory turbo.

Part of inlet and outlet piping disassembled ready for upgrading.  We added a catch can and insulated\wrapped the breather hose running near the exhaust manifold.

The old HKS injector(s).

A shot of some of the old crush bent intercooler piping that was also undersized.

The Haltech ECU tucked away.

Here’s the upgraded intercooler piping.  We had it made in lightweight aluminum along with the inlet piping.

There was no way we could get a baseline pull on the Z when it came to us due to poor running, we tuned the Z first on low boost, the old intercooler and inlet piping, and old 2.5″ exhaust.  This netted us 219 whp at 9 psi and a drivable car (green run).  Once the upgrades to the intercooler, inlet piping, and exhaust were done we retuned for higher boost.  285 whp on 15 psi (stock turbo) and 91 octane.  The stock turbo is the biggest restriction on this engine now that the breather mods have been done.  You can see it boost creep at the higher RPMs, the wastegate flapper door can’t let enough exhaust out.

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Comments (3)

  1. Adam

    did he use a kit to mount the motor, or just fab it up himself?

  2. Nate Hewitt

    Ah, the SR swap in a 240z was going to be my next project car! Unfortunately, gotta sell a couple cars first. Just don’t have the space. How’d it feel with the SR in it?

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