Super Street Z32

Over a year ago we took Danny’s Z32 from a tired Z to a refreshed pepped up Z.  We went with a brand new Nissan shortblock and Stage 1 SZ heads (KISS).  We added a set of MS Manifolds, JWT  Sport 530s, and our full 3″ SZ Exhaust from the turbos back.  Stock cams, intercooler piping, Stillen ICs, and stock TBs were retained.  We also added our SZ flywheel and Max Street Clutch.

The old and very tired engine.

The new engine coming along nicely.

Fresh valve covers and MS Manifolds 🙂  I didn’t take more pics of the build or even the car so this is all you get,  unfortunately.

Breaking it in on the dyno.  It should do better now that its all broken in since the past year.

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Comments (8)

  1. Mark Holtzman (Louisiana)

    Gah I wish yall were closer to me I would love to be able to just come by and hangout… 🙁

  2. Ryan A

    Is this on pump gas?

  3. Ryan A

    I like those torque numbers. Is it the 530 turbos that are making that much initial torque, right now I have z1 gt600’s and I’m not very happy with them.

  4. Dependent on your supporting mods but the 530s do provide great initial torque. What are your other modifications?

  5. Ryan A

    Lets see. All the breather mods, 58 mm throttle bodies, ported upper and lower intakes,massives, selin translater, ipp stage 4 motor with 500 cams, pe 850 injectors, snow methanol injection, z1 adjustable exhaust cam gears, gunna do adustable intake gears next week, ams manifolds, sz flywheel and clutch and 3″ exhaust turbo back. I plan to send my car to you guys pretty soon for new turbos and a tune but im stuck on which turbos to go with. I”m looking to have a very resonsive, fast car. What do you suggest?

  6. Good set of mods, other than the AMS stuff. I recommend leaving the VTC intake cam gears in place. Solid adjustable intakes will hurt low end\mid range power. I’m going to assume you also did larger intercooler piping and inlet pipes as well? Do you know if the VTC solenoid valves at the back of the JWT 500 cams are installed?

  7. Ryan A

    Yes, 2.5 intercooler piping and I was looking at bde’s adjustable gears that keep the vtc function. As far as the vtc solenoid valves, I’m assuming yes since I sent my stock motor to IPP and was sent back the stage 4 motor. Forgot to mention I also have a 1 piece driveshaft and had a na rearend installed for the shorter gears.

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