Big Turbo Power!

Mr. Rob from Virginia sent us his Z32 for some big turbo loving.  His Z came to us with stock turbos, stock injectors, stock engine, just about everything stock.  It was essentially a Stage 3 Z.  We performed a leak down and compression test on the stock long block to find it was in exceptional shape.  Rob didn’t plan to run race fuel but wanted big power on regular pump fuel which is 93 octane in Virginia.  The stock long block was up to the task for this.  We installed the following parts:

  • SZ EXP-95 Turbo Kit
  • 300Degree\SZ 850cc Fuel Injector Kit
  • MSP Manifolds
  • JWT 500 Cams, HD Valve Springs, & BDE Intake Cam Gears
  • SZ 3″ EXP Downpipes
  • SZ 3″ Test Pipes
  • SZ 3″ Single Oval Catback
  • ASH 2.5″ IC Piping
  • ASH Massive V3 Intercoolers
  • Z1 58mm Throttle Bodies
  • Brake Man Big Brake Kit

Motor ready to be dropped in.

Massive Intercoolers and Brake Man parts installed.

Finally after completing the mechanical work, it was time to tune and make boost!  These turbos are capable of easily making over 30+ psi on race fuel which can easily translate to 800+whp.  For Rob, it wasn’t about the maximum output but ultimate power on ordinary pump fuel.

590+ whp on pump 93 octane fuel on 17-19 psi.  Not bad!  Rob’s original TT fuel pump is struggling to keep up at this point.  With some cam tweaks we can raise the entire power-band and smooth out delivery.

Enjoy the ride Rob!

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Comments (17)

  1. Adam

    Any idea how much round trip shipping set him back?

  2. trinh

    i hate jerks who ship you stuff

  3. Huy

    i want that when my turbos go out.

  4. Tarik

    These turbos wake up really late, what’s the deal?

  5. They’re big 😉
    The cars actually drive really well on the street with all the right supporting modifications. It’s not going to be like stock turbos. I’ll post some comparisons for reference.

  6. Tarik

    Any updated dynos with better spool on pump gas?

  7. What do you mean? This is what this particular car did. There isn’t much more one can do short of doing engine work. The spool is very reasonable. If you want comparison dynos shoot me an e-mail.

  8. jazpafresh

    How much power do you think I would see with gt3071r turbos at 14-16 paid on pump 93 with the same mods listed here

  9. jazpafresh


  10. It will vary, but expect about 490 to 550 whp.

  11. Mark Holtzman (Louisiana)

    Hmm that means I need to also get a new fuel pump or have 2 of them I don’t want to make the 22 operate at full load

  12. Mark Holtzman (Louisiana)

    *22 year old pump

  13. Mark Holtzman (Louisiana)

    Oh wait maybe not because I have the JWT sport 700’s not the SZ EXP-95. I went with the sport 700’s so I could have a faster spool.

  14. We’ve seen Nissan TT pumps do anywhere from the low end of 580whp to 670 whp at the most. New pumps work better, obviously. Rewiring the pump can also get an extra oomph out of it.

  15. Nathan Branowsk

    Any idea what the compression test numbers are after the cam is installed?

  16. The cams slightly change it, what tends to happen is most people add cams with a built motor and they see a larger difference.

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