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Mr. Will from the AZ Project Z32 crew came out earlier this year after performing more “breather” modifications on his Zed.  Will came to us before his most recent mods so we were able to get a fairly reasonable baseline to see the gains received from the new parts.

Since first bringing us his Z, Will’s mods have changed to progressively “refine” his power band.  Below you will see small changes that have had huge impacts on the way his powerband is delivered.  The following runs were ALL performed on 100 octane fuel.

First we’ll start off with a list of mods Will has done.  The first time will brought us his Z was back in ’09 when he had recently (2007) installed GT525 turbos along with a full 2.5″ turbo back exhaust system.  His main list of mods back then would have read:

Built S.B.
Ported Heads & 5 Angle Valve Job
GT525 Turbos
Nismo 555cc Injectors
SZ 2.5″ DPs & TPs
Greddy SP Catback
Unorthodox UD Pulley
Unorthodox Water Pump Pulley
SZ\RPS Street Clutch
SZ\RPS Lightened Segmented Flywheel
Stock IC Piping w\ either Stillen or Greddy Intercoolers (Don’t remember)

So the following BLUE run represents Will’s mod list from above.  A few months later Will came back and had changed to our SZ 3″ Down Pipes and 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes (RED Run).  Excellent gains from 3100-5300 RPMs.  48 WHP and 55 torque!  By now your wondering why his power drops off and is jagged by 5500+ RPMs.  Looking at his boost curve you can see boost was smooth and unwavering.  This is something we had seen on some other smaller turbo VGs.  Cam timing plays a large role in this too.

Fast forward to earlier this year and Will made the following changes since adding our 3″ exhaust parts:

Custom “Intercooler” Piping 2.5″ (Adam B.)
Custom “Suction Pipes” w/ Jim Wolf Filters 2.5″ (Adam B.)
Custom “Accordion” Pipes 2.5″ (Adam B.)
Custom “Turbo Inlet” Pipes 2.5″ (Adam B.)
SZ Turbo Expansion Outlet Pipes
Bell Intercoolers 2.5″
Z1 58mm Throttle Bodies
Selin Translator
MSP Manifolds
300 Degree Fuel Rails
Nismo 740cc Injectors

Here are the results over-layed with his previous results.  GREEN run is the latest and Red the previous.  By removing the banana in the tail pipe restrictions Will’s powerband made a huge recovery from 5300+ RPMs.  Your looking at over 80 whp and almost 80 torque gains at just 6000 RPMs.  A huge improvement for his ailing top end drop off.

A link to Will’s post on TT.NET

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