Fresh Batch of MS Manifolds

Mike Smith came by last week after picking up a fresh batch of his manifolds.  Get’em while they’re hot 😉

Before these bad boys make into the hands of customers they’ll need some machining.  A big thanks to Mike Smith for his hard work and dedication.  You are truly an inspiration for us.  It is an honor to be your friend.

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Comments (4)

  1. SeanK

    To put it crudely, that’s a box of win.

  2. Fuergrissa

    That’s how they arive to MS? the thought of drilling and tapping all those mani’s makes me cringe. I had heard he finished each set by hand, but I didn’t realize he had to do so much.

  3. trinh pham

    i might be picking up another z, save a set for me, Seb.

  4. ArubaDave

    Looks like 50 sets to me 🙂

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