GTM G35 Sedan HR TT

Steve sent us his black sedan for some sleeper power.  We went to work installing a GTM Stage 2 Twin Turbo Kit with all the fixings.


On the lift ready for surgery

photo (1)Intake manifold off to install the larger fuel injectors, colder spark plugs, and replace both valve covers.

photo (3)The heart of the kit are these GT2860RS turbos with .86 A\R turbine housings (Stage 2)

photo (4)The driver side turbo installed.

photo (5)

Passenger side installed.

photo (6)

We also added a GTM 34 Row Engine Oil Cooler located behind the large intercooler.  The kit uses Tial BOVs which can be seen near the air filters in the above picture.

photo (12)Since we went with the larger 3″ down pipes we modified the Stillen catback to cone up and then down for optimal flow.

photo (13)It would be hard to tell its turbocharged.

photo (10)Boost is controlled with a Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R.

photo (11)For good measure an Innovate MTX Digital Wideband Gauge was installed in the glove box.

photo (7)

photo (9)


Tuned on 91 octane for 449 whp and 388 torque on 9 psi peak of boost.

Z32 Stock Turbo Breather Upgrades

This Z32 TT came to us after not having run for a long time.  We went to work performing the required maintenance and upgrading along the way.  It WAS stock when it arrived and left a much happier Z.

We replaced all the original fuel injectors as a couple were bad and used Nismo 740cc injectors as replacements (“JECs” or DW need not apply here).  While the plenum was off we replaced all seals and gaskets, along with bypassing the water hoses.  Throttle bodies were upgraded with larger Z1 units.  Intercooler piping was upgraded with Ash 2.5″ units along with Massive Intercoolers and a Selin Dual POP Kit was added.  It retains the factory inlet piping and the factory exhaust manifolds.  SZ 3″ 4-Bolt Down Pipes, SZ 3″ to 2.5″ Test Pipes, and SZ Dual Tip Resonated X-Pipe Catback replaces the entire factory exhaust.  SZ\RPS Sport Street Clutch and SZ Flywheel were also installed to support the higher power output.

A Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R Boost Controller was also installed to increase the boost.



Super clean and tidy while being a sleeper.


We unfortunately could NOT get a bsaeline.  It came in misfiring and in terrible shape.  We achieved peak power at 6100 RPMs with 14 psi.  Peak torque of 411 ft\lbs at 4500 RPM.   91 octane fuel.

Doug’s 2by2 TT

Doug converted his NA 2by2 to a TT many years ago and recently brought it to us for a major overhaul.  It came to us equipped with an old and tired JDM transplant sporting Sport 500 turbos.  Doug wanted to keep the turbos the same for now along with the old 2.5″ exhaust from the turbos back.  We installed a Stage 1 IPP Long Block and added JWT 500 cams with new lifters.  Added a set of MSP Manifolds.  He already had Sard 850cc injectors and 300Degree rails, we did find that his TT fuel pump he had installed years ago dropping pressure so we installed a new pump with the appropriate modifications.  BDE Low Pro Motor Mounts were added to ease the install of the Ash inlet piping.  Ash 2.5″ intercooler piping was added along with a Selin translator with HR\VHR Pops.














Very pleased with the results for Sport 500 turbos on 91 octane and full 2.5″ exhaust and a brand new engine.

Icing on the Cake

German has one sleeper of a Z32.  Originally this Z started life as an NA and recently it was converted to a TT.  When it originally came to SZ it had what I call the “generic ricer boy” modifications.  Don’t get me wrong, a front mount intercooler has its place on many cars but on a Z32 90% of the units out on the market are garbage.  This Z had a Greddy 3-Row FMIC which is actually a nice core but it doesn’t stack up to the Ash Massives.  The FMIC adds piping length, blocks airflow to the radiator, engine oil cooler, air filters (if not moved to SMIC location), and does not retain the engine’s crossflow design.   The Z also came equipped with GT2860RS turbos, JWT 500 cams, and built shortblock.  Back in 2011 when German first brought us the Z we made many recommendations to improve his overall package.  Fast forward to 2013 and we had our chance to take action.

We went to work with removing the Greddy FMIC and replacing it with Ash Massive SMICs, Ash 2.5″ IC Piping, Ash Inlet Piping, and Z1 58mm throttle bodies rounding out the breathing.  We installed a set of HR\VVHR JWT POPs for air filters and two dummy MAFs.  We’ll get to that later.  The Z was running fixed solid intake cam gears, we yanked them out, added VTC solenoids and a set of BDE intake cam gears to bring back Nissan’s awesome variable cam timing.  On the exhaust side we had nothing to change, it already came to use with our SZ 5-Bolt 3″ down pipes, test pipes, and a B&B catback finishing off the tunes.  German brought us a Snow Performance Water Injection kit.  We love what water injection brings to the table by lowering detonation thresholds and cooler intake temps to keep heat soaking down.  We can also make more power.  This is where it can get hairy.  Without the proper failsafes in place, that added power may bring trouble.  A tune made to extract power from water\meth means more boost than one would run on regular pump fuels.  If no water\meth gets injected and the boost is up you can destroy a perfectly good engine.  So in order to combat this, Snow Performance’s Safety Injection box was added along with a solenoid to bypass the boost controller’s solenoid.  We added a switch to also turn the system OFF\ON.  The kits come with instructions to always be ON.  We like the ability to turn it OFF\ON with the flip of a switch.  We used the factory rear mounted WW reservoir to keep the Snow Performance Boost Juice stocked up and loaded.  A low fluid sensor float was added to let the driver know if the system is getting low on fluid.  After the reservoir we added a solenoid to keep boost juice from making its way into the engine drawn from vacuum or from getting pushed out due to boost.

The intake manifold was replaced with a beautifully finished chrome piece along with a chromed CAS, bracket, and water pipes.  The intake manifold was ported and polished to add the new Z1 throttle bodies.  We cleaned up his PCV breather system.  Exhaust cam gears were adjustable so we tweaked them for optimal power throughout the entire powerband.  The reason we used dummy MAFs was that the MAFs services were no longer required.  We installed an AEM Series 2 ECU to replace the Nissan ECU and MAFs.

I always regret not taking a ton more photos.  Especially to show the before and after much better.  Along with all the detail, quality of work that goes into everything we do here.  You can see almost everything is buttoned up and ready to go.  No one would know any better to what this Z has cooking underneath its bonnet.

The AEM Series 2 ECU.  I have nothing but praise for this ECU.  Much better than the Series 1!  The Haltech though has definitely won my heart over.  We wired the engine’s e-fan to be controlled by the AEM.

I mentioned earlier in this article that we saw this Z back in 2011.  We have a great comparison of its transformation on the dyno results.

The red run was back in 2011 before we performed our magic touch.  Blue is how it runs today on standard 91 CA octane fuel.  No water or meth.  We gained 150 foot pounds of torque at 4500 RPMs and 135 whp!  Amazing!

This is on the Snow Performance Boost Juice and Kit.  We were limited to the amount of boost we could run.  Next time we will be adding a Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R Boost Controller.  It currently has an Apex’i AVC-R.  It had just a spike of 21 psi at 4800 RPMs.  By the top of the RPM band we were only at 16-18 psi.  It has much more left in it!

Congratulations German!  Thank you for the opportunity to let us put the icing on your cake!

Dean M. (Trust Your Lust) Part II

In our last post about Dean M. we had done a few upgrades and talked about the future.  Well, the future has come and gone.

We did add the SZ 3″ 4-Bolt Down Pipes to the existing JWT Sport 500 turbos (still on stock exhaust manifolds), SZ 3″ Aluminized High Flow Cat Pipes, SZ 3″ SS Dual Tip Catback,  Ash Intercooler Piping & Massive Intercoolers, Z1 58mm Throttle Bodies, Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors & 300Degree Fuel Rails.  The old Greddy Profec-B was also replaced in favor of the Blitz boost controller.  We also went in and replaced any and all parts that were in the way to upgrading.

I didn’t take any pictures due to time constraints (again).  In any case I think the results were superb from before and after.

The before and after on 91 octane.  Look at how much more response we gained down low (blue run)!  The turbo is able to make more boost from 4200RPM and below.

Same thing with 100 octane.  The new run (blue) can now more effectively make use of the higher boost pressures.  Whereas before power didn’t go up dramatically with the increased pressures.  Love the HUGE torque gains!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

SR 240Z

Spike’s 240Z limped its way to us after so many months of poor work from other shops.  At first look this Z didn’t have the original inline engine nor did it even have a 6 cylinder in it.  Spike had it converted with the “lightweight” SR20DET.  My good friend “Rawb” argues that a 4 cylinder should not inhabit the engine bay of a Z, I disagree in this particular case.

Upon arrival we found many issues to work through.  For starters the wiring doing for the EFI harness was non-existent so we went to work getting this all squared away (thanks Juan!).  We replaced the old skool HKS injectors in favor of new Nismo 740s.  We ditched the Nissan ECU, installed and tuned the PS1000 Haltech.  In doing so we got rid of the MAF in favor of a MAP sensor especially since there was an HKS BOV on the Z, added boost control, and the Haltech I\O Box.  We also had the exhuast changed out for a full 3″ single out and upgraded\replaced the inlet and intercooler piping.  The air filter was moved out away from the engine bay and up front in the bumper area.  The SR retained the factory turbo.

Part of inlet and outlet piping disassembled ready for upgrading.  We added a catch can and insulated\wrapped the breather hose running near the exhaust manifold.

The old HKS injector(s).

A shot of some of the old crush bent intercooler piping that was also undersized.

The Haltech ECU tucked away.

Here’s the upgraded intercooler piping.  We had it made in lightweight aluminum along with the inlet piping.

There was no way we could get a baseline pull on the Z when it came to us due to poor running, we tuned the Z first on low boost, the old intercooler and inlet piping, and old 2.5″ exhaust.  This netted us 219 whp at 9 psi and a drivable car (green run).  Once the upgrades to the intercooler, inlet piping, and exhaust were done we retuned for higher boost.  285 whp on 15 psi (stock turbo) and 91 octane.  The stock turbo is the biggest restriction on this engine now that the breather mods have been done.  You can see it boost creep at the higher RPMs, the wastegate flapper door can’t let enough exhaust out.

GTXed-60 Style

Kevin took his 95′ SMZ to another level this summer.  We pulled his low mileage stock motor out to add a set of JWT GTX 60 turbos, MS Manifolds, BDE (Low Pro) Motor Mounts, Nismo 740cc Injectors, Ash Inlet & IC Piping along with Massive Intercoolers, SZ 5-Bolt 3″ downpipes, SZ 3″ test pipes,  and SZ catback, Blitz sbc -iD Spec-R Boost Controller.  We also added our map selector to switch between tunes.

This was our first encounter with a GTX and although it was the same size as the regular GT2860RS turbo we would be able to get a better idea of how the GTX compressor wheel stacks up against the regular compressor wheel without changing its size (turbine wheel remains unchanged).


 The GTX 60 modified by JWT to accept the Z32 style 2-bolt inlet flanges.  A perfect time to upgrade to Ash inlets to allow it to breathe better.  You can also see the anti-surge is retained even when modifying the inlet.

A set of Ash Massive (v3s).  The factory washer reservoir fits (late style models).

Equipped with the 90-s style in car cell phone.  Balla!

22,196 original miles.

Mounted to the manifold\engine.

We modified the inlet pipes for the larger inlet flange provided by JWT.  Ash makes the inlets modifiable by using a smaller inlet that can be opened up for larger inlet turbos.

Ready to go to war.  We retained the factory TBs on this build.

91 octane tune (this one gets away with high boost).  Boost being equal (14-15 psi) to its counterpart (standard GT2860RS) we found that there wasn’t any difference between the two turbos.  We compared the results to a few other Sport 700 (GT2860RS) builds we had done in the past.

Q16 tune, this is where the GTX shined.  It blows past the standard 60RS!  This was done on a completely stock engine (no cams, no head work, nothing!)  Typical big build (built engine, cams, etc.) 60RS’ make anywhere from 630 to 698 whp.  So the power output of this wheel at high boost levels is most impressive (on a stock engine to boot).

The cherry on top.  A Safeguard to protect the investment.

Rude Boy!

Mike from British Columbia has the appropriate name for his Z, “Rude Boy”.  Mike sent down his Z32 for some tender lovin’ care.  He knew his Z wasn’t running as well as it could have and wanted to give it the best shot it has.

Beautifully modified on the outside.

It came to us with the following power mods:

  • Built Engine
  • JWT 400 Cams
  • Border 850cc Fuel Injector\Rail Kit
  • Long Tube Exhaust Manifolds
  • HKS GT-RS Turbos (similar to 2871s)\Externally Gated w\ Tials
  • Custom 2.5″ Down Pipes & Test Pipes
  • SZ 2.5″ Single Oval Catback
  • Custom FMIC with some 2″ and 2.5″ Piping
  • Stock Throttle Bodies
  • Autronic SM2 Standalone ECU
  • Dual Fuel Pumps
  • Blitz sbc -iD Spec-R Boost Controller

We added and modified:

  • JWT 500 Cams
  • Tomei Adjustable Exhaust Cam Gears
  • Late Style BDE Adjustable Intake Cam Gears
  • Z1 Throttle Bodies
  • Replace existing custom 2″ Intercooler Piping with 2.5″
  • SZ Custom 3″ Down Pipes & Test Pipes
  • SZ 3″ Single Oval Catback
  • Haltech Pro-Plugin ECU
  • Tune it!

We added a set of custom 3″ downpipes to fit the altered location of the HKS turbos and external wastegates.

Out with the old……. this ECU is actually pretty powerful but 8 years later there are new and improved ECUs available.  We yanked out the old harness and installed a brand new harness in its place.

Haltech’d!  We went with a Haltech in place of the Autronic.  Packed with great features and adjustments.  We installed a 4-bar MAP sensor, Intake Air Temp, Dual Widebands, I\O Box, Clutch Switch for flat shifting, and Anti-Lag Launch.  Contact us if your looking to get a Haltech for your Z.

Cleaned up.  We moved alot of wiring around from how it came to us.  Rerouted the catch can setup.  New cam gears are visible.

Ready to get the job done.

The blue run is the baseline we did as soon as it showed up to our doors.  We kept the MAX boost level pressures the same.  We gained 108 lb\ft of torque and 82 whp at 4000 RPM.  Much better drivability and response!  We also made alot more top end power.  This is Rude Boy’s 94 Canadian Octane Tune.

For the final tune Rude Boy will run Q16 fuel down the drag strip for 851 whp & 650 lb\ft of torque.  Maxing out its 850cc injectors with ease.

Saved from Mishap

A very good customer of ours had a small mishap at a local track not long ago.  Amazing to see what losing control and hitting nothing can do (other than going over a ditch).  What was a shame was seeing the Z getting towed hurt and somewhat destroyed from what was supposed to be a fun day at the circuit.

A majority of the front and rear suspension were destroyed along with some body damage.  I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked but here are some from the rebuild process.

The subframe suffered catastrophic  failure along with the upper control arms and HICAS tie rod.

This rear coilover located on the driver side wasn’t so lucky either.

Damage caused by this ditch.  Due to poor drainage planning at the track.  tisk tisk

To the rescue KW!  We opted to go with KW’s newly released V3s for the suspenion rebuild.

Nice case for the manual and wrench.

The V3s reuse the factory top mounts (fronts shown here) to keep things more comfortable and quiet for the street.  The Clubsports use pillowball mounts.

The top mounts need to be modified for them to be used on the V3s.  A simple drill was all that was required to separate the bottom flange from the top hat.

Ready to go on the Z.

The brand new subframe, SPL rear upper arms, lower arms and other misc. suspension bits.

Not shown in the picture is the damaged rear driver fender.  Damage to the Z was highlighted.  The entire car ended up getting repainted and 3 out of 4 wheels needed repairing.

The Z done in not so glamorous lighting.  Impressions of the KW V3s were very good.  My biggest pet peeve is comfort for everyday driving and these are amazingly comfortable (the most comfortable I’ve ever ridden) for an ultimate coilover.  KW V3s are available from us here.

Back For More

Mr. Smith dropped of his 94Z32TT for some more upgrades.  You can read about his last visit here.

This time we added a set of adjustable BDE Intake Cam Gears and performed cam tuning on all four cams.  A Blitz boost controller was installed to replace the obsolete and non-functioning Greddy Profec-B.

Covers off and ready to tune.  Once we finished we installed the covers.

A boost controller worth every penny it costs.

Our patient tied down and hooked up to monitoring equipment.

The blue run was his previous best from its last visit.  Red is with the new boost controller and cam tuning.  This is on 91 octane.  Look at how much sooner our boost comes in.

100 octane

Q16.  So close to the that magical number.  What’s even more impressive is Scott is still leaving alot on the table.  He’s still on the stock intercooler piping of 2″!  Although peak power may not be greatly affected its the low & mid-range that will see the greatest benefit.  Now he just needs to working on driving down that 1320. 😉