SR20DET Power Up

Dante brought us his ’91 240SX for some upgrades and tuning.  We upgraded the fuel injectors to Nismo 740s, and swapped in a Z32 MAF.  The SR engine has the stock exhaust manifold and turbo still attached to it.  A Blitz sbc-iD Spec-R controls the boost.  Stock down pipe and full 2.5″ exhaust along with a Greddy intake manifold.

91 octane & a peak of 14 psi.

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This 2012 GT-R came back in for more power.  We added real AMS downpipes to shake things up a bit.

Stock driver side down pipe.

Real AMS Downpipe.  Cast on either end of the unit.

Installed and ready for war.

S14 VQ’ed

Tyler came back to us after having us tune his Z31 track car.  This time he brought us his newly acquired S14 with a built turbocharged VQ35DE.  This car was built with a purpose and made to hit the drift circuits and road courses.  The turbo portion of this car comes from the old 350Z\G35 Turbonetics Kit.  A custom intake manifold was made with top end power in mind.  Controlling this moniacal setup is an AEM Standalone.  We reached the limits of both the fuel injectors and fuel pump so we did what we could with what we had to work with.  We also found ourselves performing some wiring fixes before we tuned to get the car to run properly.

For a test we removed that terrible intake on the front of the turbo.

Here are some tuned results.  The red run was performed with that terrible intake I mentioned above.  This is how the car will be running for now on the circuit.  As it is the injectors and pump are on the raggedy edge.  For a test we removed the terrible intake and made a pull.  We changed NOTHING else.  We came up with a great difference.  Look at the boost curve!  This poor turbo is working hard to make power with the terrible intake.  For now it serves a basic function of a restriction.

R32 GT-R Update

Its been awhile since we tinkered on the R32.  After waiting for a custom twin carbon clutch from RPS  we were able to dust Godzilla off.

This JUN RB27  had some changes with its catch can and we added a Braille battery.  The battery was previously in the rear, but this required us to run a cut off switch in the rear (NHRA rules).  Forcing us to drill a hole in the bumper…. no thanks!  Some fuel upgrades will be coming with an addition of ID injectors.

RPS used a trick Porsche style hub and floater disc to keep noise down and engagement super smooth.  Note the inner disc right outside the hub  This is the discs “attached” together.

You can see how this flywheel side disc (key) looks without the outer disc on top of it.

The “outer” disc.

Lastly the aluminum carbon “insterted” flywheel bolted in with ARP bolts.

At the same time we converted the pull style setup to an internal “race” slave cylinder.

Following the clutch install we sent the GT-R to the body shop.  We found “old” rear damage that had been covered up.  You can see it was rear ended at some point in its Japanese island life.

Getting stripped down.

Interior stripped down and prepping the cage for paint.

The front bumper particularly needed much work.

Painted and getting polished.

We had the FMIC painted black for a stealthier\cleaner look.

The final wipe down.

And another 2012

Another congrats is in order for our boy Mark.  He came by a few weeks ago to surprise us with his new purchase.

I’m starting to wonder that this blue color isn’t quite as rare as I thought.  😉

Here the GTR is getting wetsanded to remove the factory “orange peel”.

It’s hard to tell in the picture but there is a big difference shown here on the rear fender.

I had the opportunity to drive Mark’s GTR and it’s an amazing vehicle.  Thanks for the ride!

2012 GT-R

Our good friend Lee brought by his beautiful blue 2012 GT-R over to the shop for us to drool over.  Amazing automobile.  Quality and performance are amazing as Lee gave me a ride and let Greg drive it.  Maybe next time, he’ll let me drive it 😉

Congrats to Lee!  You deserve it.

RB & SR fun

Juanito brought by a couple cars for us to play with.  One is an S14 equipped with Nissan’s RB25DET.  Great engine with lots of potential thanks to it being VTC equipped.  This particular setup was on a completely stock turbo and engine with basic breathing mods (intake & exhaust) with a Z32 MAF.

285 whp on 91 octane, 12 psi of boost on stock turbo & engine.

The next S13 came equipped with a factory redtop SR20DET with what we think is a Garrett 2871R turbo.  A few issues arose but we were able to fix them on the spot.

291 whp on almost 15 psi of boost (91 octane).  The wastegate was not opening up at a safe level so we had to modify the actuator arm length to get a safer boost level.  This is why the boost level is lower on the red run and lower at the lower RPM level.  There are a few ways to get the low RPM boot response higher via a high quality electronic boost controller and better W\G actuator.


Juan from Bardabe brought over his customer’s car for us to tune.  This time we got to play with a red top SR with a 2876R Garrett turbo.  This 240SX comes with an S15 front end conversion and is gutted for drifting fitted with a cage to boot.

Here are some other important mods:

  • Z32 MAF
  • Sard 850cc Injectors
  • HKS 272 Cams
  • Brain Crower Springs & Retainers
  • Cosworth Headgasket
  • 87mm Bore & 9:1 Compression (CP Pistons & Eagle Rods)
  • HKS W\G Actuator 10 psi Base
  • Blitz Intercooler
  • Unknown Exhaust Manifold
  • Greddy Intake Manifold
  • Greddy Recirc Valve
  • Blitz SBC iD Spec-R B.C.

We used the factory ECU with a Nistune board to get this little 4 to run properly.  After many hours of getting the base map & cold\hot start setup we were ready to make power and turn the rollers.  We setup the HKS W\G actuator to 10 psi base and later installed a Blitz SBC-iD Spec-R Boost Controller to make more ………BOOST!

91 Octane Tune, 15 psi for 353 whp & 292 Torque

Q16 Tune, 23 psi 444 whp & 355 Torque.  You’ll notice that at 6600 RPMs the clutch (Exedy) starts to slip thus the power drops and boost drops.  It can still make more power!